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Statement on the launch of Bagong Pilipinas

January 28th, 2024

Rep. Joey Sarte Salceda
28 January 2023

Bagong Pilipinas is more than a slogan. It is a program of government reflecting the Marcos administration’s modernizing direction. This is reflected in the kind of policies he has prioritized.

Allow me to give some examples.

First, we now have a modern Public-Private Partnership Code that integrates the best practices in the world.

Second, we are moving towards a more modern tax system with the Ease of Paying Taxes Act, which will allow full digitalization of most of our tax processes. We are also working with the Office of the President on modernizing our tax incentives system through the CREATE MORE Act, and boosting our capital markets with lower transaction taxes on stocks. Under a more modern tax refund system, low risk claims will also no longer be subject to verification. That means compliant taxpayers will also have it easier with the BIR.

Third, we are moving towards modern agriculture policies. The prerequisite move — the condonation of agrarian reform debts and the emancipation of liened titles — paves the way for greater land consolidation and private sector investment in the sector.

Fourth, we are modernizing our energy infrastructure. The multi-pronged approach to this is to allow foreign equity in renewable energy generation through the RE Law IRR, invest in modernization of energy infrastructure such as the grid through Maharlika Investment Fund, and expedite the shift towards cleaner sources of energy such as LNG.

We need this modernizing spirit as we confront pressing challenges, foremost of which is a global food price crisis. This will require the very best efforts from this administration to— from a modernized and climate-resilient domestic agriculture sector, to new diplomatic arrangements with our food trade partners.

I am confident that President Marcos has what it takes to act both as a bridge between this country’s past and its future, and as a bulwark against global challenges affecting our people.

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