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Statement on the emerging 2022 Presidential Election Results

May 10th, 2022

Although results are still trickling in, it is very clear that the Filipino people have made a resounding choice, and that choice deserves to be respected. That is the essence of the democratic process.

I have promised the people of Albay, and the Filipino people, that I will continue to offer what I believe to be the best advice on how to help us through this period of economic challenge, regardless of who becomes the next President. I intend to keep that promise.

When the final outcome becomes beyond doubt, I will be submitting to the President-elect a comprehensive plan for fiscal and economic recovery – so that what we build out of this crisis is a stronger, more resilient, and more equitable economy. I have a tax plan and a public and private investment plan that I will submit to the next President in the coming days. 

To me, there are three all-important concerns for the first one hundred days of the next President: Inflation, unemployment, and economic growth. We will have to halt the momentum in price increases, create strong and well-paid jobs, and maximize our GDP growth potential. Having been reelected to Congress, I will advise the next President on these issues. I also hope to continue helping the government with crucial economic reforms. 

When the politics becomes less important, the policies will begin to matter more. That moment will certainly come after elections. I hope the incoming administration revisits the series of columns I have issued over the past few weeks – on the economy, on taxes, on agriculture, on foreign policy – as I will certainly articulate those same thoughts again when the President-elect seeks my advice again.

I was convinced that my candidate was good for confidence in the Philippine economy. And I have spared no effort in making that message widely heard. But we are all part of Team Philippines– and I will do my utmost so that foreign investors and Philippine businesspersons alike will feel confident about the new President. 

We have very little control over the past, but the future remains wide open for our efforts. A country that seeks greatness must be obsessed with the future, and all the opportunities it presents. As it appears that Former Senator Marcos will become the next President, I wish him the very best. A successful Marcos presidency will be the success of the country as well.

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