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Statement on the BIR release regarding the aborted Megaworld closure

May 20th, 2022

It is clear to me that the issue could have been resolved internally within the Bureau of Internal Revenue. I have not heard from the Large Taxpayer Service, and so far releases have only come from the NCR South Regional Office. 

Releases such as the closure order should not have been made public without a unified BIR agency position. I still haven’t seen one. 

To clarify things, I am calling for a special CWM. hearing on this matter on Monday. 

The markets are already uncertain. It’s a sin to the financial markets and to make economic and fiscal stability to create the impression that tax enforcement is arbitrary and tax authorities can simply inflict reputational damage at will. 

We are trying very hard to build the country’s tax institutions and improve their performance. We know the damage that tax uncertainty can create. Unforced errors like this hurt our reputation as an investment destination and as a tax jurisdiction.

The BIR Central Office has been a close partner of my committee so I hope I will get better answers from them once they are called.

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