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Salceda statement on funding sufficiency for Bayan Bangon Muli package 

May 24th, 2022

Realignment is not the only recourse for the President-elect. I can see at least five other possible courses of action for the package to be funded adequately:

1. We can do a cash sweep similar to what was ordered by Executive Order No. 87 by President Duterte, which ordered the reversion to the Treasury of accounts payable from three years before the issuance of the EO in 2019. 

2. The package can be in the form of a supplemental appropriations bill with “unprogrammed allocations” that can be funded in the manner similar to other unprogrammed allocations in the regular GAA. So, augmentation, excess revenues, and other relevant provisions under unprogrammed allocations in the 2022 GAA can be lifted into this provision.

3. We can adopt the Bayanihan provision on the power to discontinue programs, projects, and activities, provided that certain parameters for discontinuance can be set. I think we can place a moratorium on some wasteful spending practices, such as year-end on-site seminars. 

4. The package can include a provision that utilizes any unused funds in Special Purpose Funds for the programs under the package.

5. We can also include a provision that allows the President to use unused or unreleased subsidies to GOCCs and government agencies that will no longer be able to finish the program subsidized this year. 

In any case, let’s give the new administration a chance to fund and enact its own plans and programs for the country’s economic recovery.

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