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Re statement si Chiz about Speaker, saying he has video speech of speaker in Iloilo espousing PI.

January 28th, 2024

Rep. Joey Sarte Salceda

28 January 2028

In a recent public engagement in December 2023, Speaker Martin Romualdez discussed the potential of addressing constitutional amendments through the People’s Initiative. This statement has sparked discussions and inquiries regarding the role of the House of Representatives in this process.

We wish to clarify Speaker Romualdez’s position and the stance of the House of Representatives on this matter. The House recognizes the People’s Initiative as a fundamental democratic process that is explicitly citizen-driven and enshrined in the Philippine Constitution. It is a mechanism that allows Filipinos themselves to directly propose amendments to the constitution, independent of congressional action.

Speaker Romualdez, in his statement, expressed support for this democratic exercise, emphasizing its importance in resolving current constitutional debates. It is crucial to understand that this support does not equate to direct participation or control by the House in the People’s Initiative process. The role of the House of Representatives, as envisioned by Speaker Romualdez, is to encourage public discourse and awareness regarding constitutional amendments, ensuring that citizens are well-informed and engaged in the democratic processes that shape the nation.

The People’s Initiative is a process for the people, by the people. It embodies the sovereign will of the Filipino citizens, offering a direct avenue for them to express their desires and aspirations for constitutional reform. The House of Representatives respects this process and believes in the capacity of the Filipino people to decide the best course for the nation’s constitutional future.

Speaker Romualdez and the members of the House are committed to upholding the principles of democracy and ensuring that the voice of the people is heard and respected. This commitment includes providing the necessary support for a transparent and inclusive process that allows every Filipino to participate meaningfully in shaping the nation’s destiny.

We hope this clarification reassures the public of the House’s respect for the People’s Initiative as a citizen-driven process and its commitment to the democratic principles that underpin our nation.

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