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PBBM made significant strides in concretizing our old friendships with countries like France. I am particularly excited about the talks he initiated on nuclear energy, as part of a broader effort towards shifting our energy mix away from coal. 

November 21st, 2022

PBBM’s agreement with Saudi Arabia, which set aside P30.5 billion to compensate unpaid OFWs is also possibly the biggest migrant compensation deal any President of the country ever achieved. That also strengthens our continued partnership, and promises even more opportunities for Filipino migrant workers. So, that’s a slam dunk.

The moral ascendancy of the Philippines in ecological matters, which PBBM ably represented, also drove the declaration towards a more green and circular economy, through the Bangkok Goals set during the summit.

PBBM’s emphasis on cordiality with China even as we beef up our military partnership with our traditional allies is also good diplomatic balance. I am particularly optimistic about the possible state visit to Vietnam, which could be our closest regional ally when it comes to maritime issues, if we can settle our competing claims peacefully. 

Putting an emphasis on food security and climate change is also an important act. Asia-Pacific will disproportionately suffer more of the effects of climate change and agricultural imbalance. As a country that both suffers from climate change and imports around a third of its food supply, it is in our best interest to pursue global cooperation on these issues.

Overall, it was consistent with the general tone of this administration: not too flashy but deliberate, not too theatrical, but delivers concrete accomplishments. This government shoots and scores.

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