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On the selection of PCC Chair Arsenio Balisacan as the first member nominated to the economic team

May 24th, 2022

Chairman Balisacan is a steady hand who has credibility in the business sector, the academe, and the government institutions. His selection is a welcome development. 

Chairman Balisacan will also have a strong grasp of the issues the incoming administration needs to address, particularly on prices. I expect to work with him extensively on legislation regarding fair pricing and market competition, which we need to make sure that inflation isn’t due to abuse of market power. 

I also hope to work with him in Agriculture and Food Security, strong points in his work as an economist. We need urgent interventions in the sector to prevent food prices from spiraling out of reach of the ordinary Filipino family. 

It will be a service to the nation if he says yes, as reports have indicated that he has said yes.

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