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Message to VP Sara Duterte

June 21st, 2022

Congratulations VP Sara on your historic victory, the largest number of votes garnered by any elected official in the country, and the largest vote share, at 61.53 percent, gathered by a candidate for President or Vice President since Ramon Magsaysay. 

Right from when we were together in the Regional Development Council meetings in around ten years ago, I have always known that she was made of leadership mettle. I was the least surprised of all when people began to look to her for national leadership. 

As I believe in her and her judgment, when she asked me to gather forces in support of PGMA as speaker, and to elect LAV as Speaker, I did not hesitate to take up the mission. 

When she intimated to me her calling to serve the people beyond Davao, I literally went into frenzied search for meaning in ancient books and the works of great philosophers. 

I went on national television to tell the people of the Philippines how well she did her job for the people of Davao. The first public hospice in the country. The first city-wide smart security system. The first world-class agricultural product that was government-induced. The most successful development program for peace. I wanted the people to know that her work was the kind of governance they deserved on a national level. 

Of course, I felt a little sad but I am a good soldier and did what I can for her in Bicol and elsewhere. I know she will shine wherever she is assigned by the President-elect. 

From the here and now, until 2028, I can feel na papunta pa lang tayo sa exciting part. Congratulations VP Sara, and count on me again and always for advice, support, and friendship.

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